All steps involved in a fixed fire suppression system, from design to maintenance, including supply, installation and commissioning, are important.
Maintenance is important because the system of protection must be reliable and we must be sure that before any situation of fire, it is ready to act.

The Fixed Facilities against Fire are of very eventual use, for that reason it is necessary to know the problems of operation in advance. Identify them in a fire is not suitable.
Melisam executes the maintenance of fixed fire installations with specialized personnel, according to specific standards, which have protocols for each type of installation, carrying the corresponding records that guarantee the realization of these controls with their proper routine. All in a framework of compliance Agreements Obligatory compliance, and the controls of the Government Control Agency of the City of Buenos Aires under the “Registry of Maintainers, Repairers, Manufacturers, and Installers of Fixed Fire Facilities” that enables and Certify Melisam to perform these services.

Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Systems, Extinction Systems for Kitchens, Extinction Systems based on clean agents and Detection Systems is carried out.
The maintenance can be preventive or corrective.


It is performed regularly in line with a pre-scheduled routine, at intervals to be determined depending on the type of system, and according to local or international regulations.
The conditions of the installations and their components are analyzed. This also involves checking extinguishing agents, weight, flows, etc., as applicable. Performance tests are carried out and they are then included in a detailed report.


Any anomaly detected in the installation during an inspection must be repaired and/or corrected and the damaged components should be repaired or replaced by first-line items compatible with those making up the installation.
MELISAM has its own technical service department with appropriate staff and tools to provide these maintenance services.


Registered in the Register of Manufacturers, Repairers, Installers, Maintenance of Fixed Installations against Fire, in character of Manufacturer, Installer, Maintainer, Repairer in the heading water, gases, detection.
Law 2231/06, Ordinance 40.473/84 Decree 579/09 Resolution Nº 643/AGC/2014, Disposition Nº 215/DGHP/2015, Disposition Nº 8806/DGHP/2015