Kitchen fire suppression system


Today, kitchens involve the use of open flame, hot surfaces surrounded by flammable materials; also, grease is highly likely to accumulate in the various components, exhaust pipes and systems.

A fast, efficient fire suppression system is therefore necessary to extinguish multiple fires at the onset, thus preventing them from spreading any further, with the potential loss of property and risk for human lives.
With its modern spraying system of the extinguishing agent, which covers the whole area, BUCKEYE is the most reliable and modern system of kitchen fire suppression.

MELISAM designs, supplies and installs potassium carbonate-based BUCKEYE systems, which have been UL certified and are compliant with NFPA standards.


The first step for an efficient system is to perform an adequate design of it, i.e. to consider every piece of equipment that needs protection (stoves, ovens, electric fryers, irons, pipes, etc.) in order to define the amount of the extinguishing agent required for each case, the adequate selection of type, number and location of discharge nozzles, the piping layout and diameter and number of fuses for automated discharge control.


The expert staff of MELISAM, certified by Buckeye in the US, installs each component, and also provides commissioning and equipment operation and maintenance training.
As exclusive dealer in Argentina for these equipment items, MELISAM guarantees their design, installation, recharge, maintenance, and spares.