About us

The Company

Melisam Ingeniería is a company specialized in Fixed Fire Suppression Installations. It offers comprehensive solutions of equipment, engineering and services for fire safety and protection.

The support of our commercial policy is based on our commitment to provide our customers with certified products and services, with excellent pre- and post-sales customer service.


  • Supply, engineering and construction of fixed fire suppression installations:
    • Water-based fire suppression: Hydrant Networks and Sprinkler Systems.
    • AFFF/AR-AFFF foam-based fire suppression: For the oil and petrochemical industry.
    • Gas-based fire suppression systems: Co2 and FM 200 for computer rooms and telecommunications shelters.
    • Smart automatic systems for fire protection in industrial kitchens. Kitchen Mister System – Buckeye (UL Certified).
    • Fire alarm and detection systems.
  • Supply of fixed fire suppression installations, hoses, cabinets and manufacture of fire extinguishers of all types and capacities.

For more information about Fire extinguishers, please visit Melisam Fire Extinguishers website www.extintoresmelisam.com.ar